About Us!

The founders of Aspire Music are Irish-Chinese singing teacher and singer-songwriter, Weisan Au Yeung, and her partner, Scottish drum teacher and musician, Dave Simpson. They moved to Hong Kong from London at the end of 2011 opting for a BIG change in scenery. They had both been working hard as full-time musicians and music teachers in London for about 9 years, after studying at the London College of Music, where they met.


Frustrated by their experience of teaching and rehearsing in Hong Kong, often in dirty, smelly and ill-equipped studios, they decided to open their own place. A place where you sound good when you’re plugged in and feel comfortable spending your time, whether you’re having a lesson, practising or just hanging out with a good cup of coffee and a magazine.


Our teachers offer lessons in singing, guitar, keyboards, bass and drums at all levels. A full band line-up! Whether you’re interested in pop, rock, jazz, funk, soul, folk or even musical theatre we can help you achieve your musical ambitions and find your musical voice.