she plays it ALL!

Kar-Li Chan

Kar-Li is something of a multi-instrumentalist – playing piano, guitar, flute and drums – as well as being an excellent singer! She has a huge passion for music and just loves learning and developing her skills in an ever-growing variety of instruments.


Her music life began at a very young age with her performing in annual school musicals and shows. At secondary school, she studied music up to A Level whilst simultaneously attending Belfast School of Music focusing on Piano. This extra input helped her to achieve a Diploma in Pianoforte Performance from London College of Music. Since graduating, her performance experience has included everything from small coffee shop gigs to weddings, hotel performances and numerous charity events.


A devoted member of the Church since aged 14, Kar-Li is currently working with St Stephen’s Tai Po Fellowship as a P/T Worship Coordinator. In this role she has lead worship for conferences of over 800 people, been involved in song writing for the church and was privileged to have been part of a live CD recording in 2014 for the St Stephen’s Society, entitled “This is Love”.


As a teacher, she has taught contemporary and classical piano, vocals, guitar, choir and music theory to countless teenagers and kids. Most recently she has undertaken a course in Child Development, during which she learned about what skills and abilities children should be exhibiting at different developmental ages. Kar-Li’s ultimate aim in her teaching is to help her students become fully confident in their abilities so they can use music to freely express themselves.


Kar-Li is available for both vocal and piano/keyboard lessons. If you would like to book a lesson with her, get in touch with us.

Kar-li performing at our Student Show (Oct '15)