King of the Keys…


Kingston Lo

Kingston is an accomplished young Jazz pianist and composer who is building a great reputation for himself in the Hong Kong music scene. 

He studied Jazz piano with John Bailey and Tom Cawley, both of whom are Professors from the Royal Academy of Music, during his study at Brunel University in London. He successfully completed his BMus in Musical Composition in 2005 with First Class Honours and was also awarded the Steve Thomas Memorial Prize for Composition.  

As a performer he regularly collaborates with a variety of Jazz musicians in Hong Kong and has featured in the “More Jazz” and “JAZZY TIME” series run by Groovy Life. He has his own Jazz quartet called “Papa-Go Jazz Quartet” playing their own original music as well as Jazz standard arrangements. He is also writing and co-writing original songs for Acid Jazz/Soul Band, “Franklin Telescope”, who have appeared in the JOCKEY CLUB STREET MUSIC SERIES. Most recently he collaborated with Hong Kong rapper “Triple G” from Wildstyle Records, performing at the popular Strawberry Music Festival (2018) in Guangzhou.

If you’re lucky you can catch one of his many performances in various venues in Hong Kong including Flower Music 10, Peel Fresco, Foxglove, Sense 99, W Hotel, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Harbour Plaza Metropolis, Cordis, Hong Kong Football Club, Hong Kong Cricket Club, Aberdeen Marina Club, 1 Peking Road Shopping Arcade, and more.

Aside from being a performer, he is also an enthusiastic educator. He has several years of teaching experience behind him, including primary/secondary school students, adults, music teachers, piano teachers and other professional musicians. He works with several different schools and companies to encourage his main passion, Jazz education, in Hong Kong, conducting regular workshops and lessons.

If you’re interested in Keyboard lessons with Kingston, please get in touch for more information on price and availability.