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Fabien Wong

Fabien is a multi-talented Hong Kong musician, songwriter and composer. As an accomplished Jazz Guitar player, he can be found in one of the city’s many small venues on most weekends but it was his songwriting skills that first got him noticed in the commercial music industry.


In 2013, he was one of the finalists in the CASH (Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong) Song Writers Quest, a highly regarded local competition. Since then he has been an active CASH member focusing on composing TV Commercial jingles and film music.

Eager to learn more and hone his skills, Fabien decided to move to the UK to study at the prestigious Leeds College of Music and, in 2017, he graduated with a degree in Jazz and Production.


Through studying with world renowned players like Mike Walker, Jamie Taylor, Jiannis Pavlidis and Stuart McCallum, Fabien continued to develop his songwriting and composing skills but now with much more of a jazz influence. His second instrument at LCoM was Jazz Piano, which he studied under Les Chisnall, making him a more well-rounded and complete jazz musician. The highlight of Fabien’s time in the UK was getting the chance to perform with the LCoMSU Big Band and participate in its tour of Belgium. He was also lucky enough to perform in The Netherlands, Poland and various cities around the UK.


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