Karli Chan

From a young age Karli knew music was going to be a big part of her life. Having been brought up in Northern Ireland and gone to schools which offered music lessons, choir and musical theatre it led her to want more. She started off with classical piano lessons at the age of 8 and obtained her DipLCM in pianoforte performance. Feeling like this wasn’t enough to quench her musical thirst she decided to try out other instruments such as guitar, violin, flute and drums. One of her goals in life is to learn as many instruments as possible to develop a wider knowledge of the music family.


On a weekly basis she leads worship in her church (St Stephen’s Society TaiPo) and has led worship for different churches and conferences in Northern Ireland, Hong Kong, South Africa and Malaysia. She believes that music is a key to the soul and everyone has music in them. One of her goals is to help build her students’ self-confidence through music and for them to equally find their passion for life.


Since moving to Hong Kong in 2012 she has been furthering her studies in vocal techniques and achieved her Level 1 certificate with IVA. She feels this technique is one of the best tools to bring out the natural voice in her students and loves to test their boundaries when it comes to vocal dancing!


Karli also loves to play and develop her skills with other musicians as she believes it’s important to keep learning no matter what age one is. She has sung and performed with some local bands and has had the pleasure of playing with some of the most brilliant musicians in the world where these musicians led her in improvised ‘Sound Portraits’ for people. She also has some experience in studio recording having recorded some backing vocals for local artists and been part of producing CDs for her church. She also loves writing songs when she gets the time and focus to write.


Karli has been teaching people of all ages and from all walks of life since she arrived in Hong Kong, whether in English or Cantonese or sometimes with a bit of Mandarin thrown in for good measure. She has experience not only in teaching private one-to-one classes, but also small group choirs, bands and ensembles.


Karli is an outgoing, fun and caring teacher who loves to nurture her students and watch them grow. With children being one of her passions in life, she did an internship in Childhood Development with Dunamis Ministries to help her understand what the needs of children are and to help improve her teaching. Since becoming a mother herself, she has also set up and run her own baby playgroup and learnt more about children and how music and dance bring even the most shy kids to life.


Most importantly she believes music is a tool in life which everyone can pick up and use. No matter who you are or how much experience you have had with music there’s always something to learn.


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