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with Kurtis!

Kurtis Li

Kurtis developed his love for music at an early age through learning piano and violin, like many HK students. After years of classical music training, he switched to the guitar at age 12, and his repertoire of styles came to include blues, rock and pop. He later found his passion in jazz music which is now the focal point of his music career. Kurtis is currently studying music at Chinese University of Hong Kong and also actively playing at local jazz gigs.


He has been teaching piano and guitar for three years, both in private lesson format and in small groups at local music centres. Like all our teachers, Kurtis’ approach to teaching is to challenge his students to learn new techniques through learning songs. Whether it’s finger-style acoustic guitar for a folk-pop song or riffs and solos from classic rock songs from the likes of Led Zeppelin or AC/DC. Learning an instrument through learning songs is often the most interesting, effective and rewarding way to learn music. Kurtis loves nothing more than seeing the joy on a student’s face when they finally master that song they’ve always wanted to play.


Kurtis also emphasises the importance of basic technique, such as maintaining correct posture, learning and understanding the use of scales and left/right hand coordination. With a clear roadmap of how you will progress through your lessons, Kurtis will have you strumming and picking all your favourite songs in no time!


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