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Wayne Lui

Wayne is a recent graduate from Berklee College of Music in Boston. Having obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Music with first honour, majoring in Drum Set Performance and Songwriting, he is excited to share his musical knowledge and skills with students in Hong Kong. Born and raised here, Wayne plays and teaches several instruments including Bass Guitar and Piano but the Drum Kit is his main focus.


In January 2016, he entered Berklee College of Music as a drum set principle. While he was there he studied Jazz and Latin drumming with Mark Walker and Neal Smith and was also involved in R&B, Pop, and Rock ensembles, and even a Beatles Tribute band! The music education he received was invaluable and went far beyond just the drum set, he also studied music theory, songwriting, arranging, production and explored various other instruments.


All through his studies at Berklee he has tried to be as active a musician as possible playing almost every week at the Aletheia Church in Boston as well as small club and bar gigs around the City. Locally, Wayne can be found playing the piano at ShoneTao Church in Hong Kong every month, when he is not serving on the drum set. In 2018 he decided to put all his instrumental, songwriting, arranging and producing skills to the test and released his debut EP, Disclosure.


Being a music student for most of his childhood and teenage years, Wayne understands that music cannot be forced. He grew up taking ABRSM and Rockschool exams, but realised quickly that the certificate should not be the end goal of music education. Ultimately, music has to be played and shared with honesty and the instrument we play is more than just a tool that produces sound. It is a tool for communication and expression.


As a multi-instrumentalist he understands the role, and the perspective, of each instrument in the rhythm section which brings real depth to his teaching. Additionally, being a Hong Konger who has studied in both local and international schools, before studying in Boston, means he is comfortable adapting to students from different cultural backgrounds.


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