Tinkle those ivories!




You have a piano or keyboard sitting at home, collecting dust and you need some help on what to do next… Well, whether you want to learn to play and sing for yourself or accompany someone else, do contemporary music grades or you need some fresh inspiration for your most recent songs or performances, we can cater classes to your needs. Piano lessons at Aspire will give you the chance to really learn the role of a keyboard player. You’ll be shown your way around the keys through –


  • Developing your ear and learning to play what you hear.
  • Exposure to music theory including reading sheet music.
  • Learning about chords and how to play them efficiently.
  • Improving your fingering and hand coordination.
  • Recognising and learning the different characteristics that define each genre of pop music.
  • Developing your skills as a soloist including how to improvise and coordinate rhythm with melody.


The Lessons


Having weekly or bi-weekly lessons will enhance and speed up your learning process, with the help of some regular practise, but if time and/or money is an issue we have other options. We offer package deals for piano lessons for kids and adults alike. There are 10 lessons per package and you have 6 months to use it, so if coming every week is just impossible, you have plenty of time before your package runs out.


If you’re only interested in short-term, intensive coaching for an upcoming project or performance, we’re happy to help. We’ll never pressure you to visit us regularly. So, whatever your needs are, we’ll do our best to help you achieve your goals.


Online piano lessons are also available upon request.



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