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Aspire Music is a modern, contemporary music school based in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. We offer private music lessons in singing, guitar, keyboards, bass and drums in a friendly and welcoming environment. We have well-equipped, comfortable rooms for students and teachers to enjoy their lessons.

Our founders and teachers at Aspire Music are made up of local and international musicians, all of whom are active musicians in various HK music scenes, who really believe that music is about communication. One of our main goals is to create a community of musicians among our students and teachers, where people can chat, share, play and enjoy performing music together.


Our teachers offer lessons in singing, guitar, keyboards, bass and drums at all levels. A full band line-up! Whether you’re interested in pop, rock, jazz, funk, soul, folk or even musical theatre we can help you achieve your musical ambitions and find your musical voice.


About Us

About Us

The founders of Aspire Music are Irish-Chinese singing teacher and singer-songwriter, Weisan Au Yeung, and her partner, Scottish drum teacher and musician, Dave Simpson.




This 8-week course will introduce you to the essentials for a healthy singing technique. Get to know your voice and find out how best to practise. More importantly, learn how to apply the technique to songs. 


We use the Institute of Vocal Advancement (IVA) method for teaching vocal technique. Check out IVA, for more information. 


This course is suitable for beginners to advanced singers and starts every Tuesday at 7.30pm to 9pm from the 23rd October until 11th December. It costs $3000 for the 8 sessions. To sign up for the course, you can get in touch with us.



Here’s an excerpt of Weisan’s original song, Rainfall, joined by Kingston on keys. Look forward to more videos from our teachers. For more information on our lessons, you can get in touch with us.



We are so happy to launch our Drum Club throughout the new school year! 


The Drum Club is a small group drum class, no more than 4 students per class, where kids can build a solid foundation in playing the drum kit. During the 3 terms, we will cover all the basics including hand and foot technique, simple grooves and fills, an introduction to rhythm reading and understanding drum kit notation. As students begin to master these basics, they’ll be shown how to use these skills creatively and musically in the context of a few contemporary song styles.


We are running 2 classes each week, Tuesdays 6pm til 7pm for 9-12 year olds, taught by Dave, and Saturdays 3.30pm til 4.30pm for 6-10 year olds, taught by Devon. To enrol in the first term, September to December 2018, you can GET IN TOUCH WITH US 



Do you love to sing but been told all your life that you can’t?! Do you love to sing but not sure how to do this in a healthy and safe way?? Or are you feeling trapped and not able to sing the songs that you love..?!..?! Now’s the time to help you unlock it all…


Karaoke Club is an adult singing class which focuses on teaching a balanced vocal technique, song styling and building confidence, singing in front of people and on the mic. Students can enjoy the benefits of learning in a group as well as having some one-on-one time. Come join us, it’s never too late to learn!


You can sing your heart out every Tuesday at 7.30pm until 9pm. The next term starts on 11th September until October 30th. There are a total of 8 sessions and it costs $2000. Classes are taught by Weisan. To register, you can get in touch with us.



Allow your kids to explore their creative side this summer at our Summer Songwriting Camp! After a successful running of this workshop in Singapore, Natalie has decided to offer the same course at Aspire! The camp is made of 3 workshops over 3 sessions in a week and is open to kids from the ages of 6 years and up. If none of the above dates suit your kid’s schedule, you can GET IN TOUCH with us and we can arrange a different time for you. 



We’re rocking this October with more new group classes in drums, guitar, singing and songwriting. Learning in a group brings a positive and supportive relationship between you and your peers, you can gain unique insights, learn from each other and inspire one another.


For more information about our group classes, you can get in touch with us.



Singing Club is now open to singers from the age of 4 years and up throughout the school year!


This fun and nurturing group class will have kids and teens learning the importance of a balanced vocal technique, building musicianship, how to be creative with their voices, and more importantly, how to style and perform contemporary songs.


Classes are taught by Weisan. To enrol in our September to December 2018 term, you can get in touch with us.



We can’t believe summer is right around the corner. Each year seems to fly by quicker and quicker! We wanted to create as many different opportunities and experiences for our students and came up with some fun and exciting summer group classes during July and August. The schedule is officially ready and we hope you like what you see.There’s hopefully a little something for everyone, kids and adults, including Boomwhacker Class, Singing Club, Karaoke Club and Digi Songwriting. Don’t forget we also have Band Workshop that has just launched  so expect more news for the next enrolment soon! For more information you can get in touch.




This choir is for grown-ups and all levels are welcome! 


Nothing can describe the feeling you get from singing in harmony with a bunch of people…expect community, support and much more! This choir is all about learning to blend with one another through a balanced vocal technique, building musicianship, learning to look beyond the music score and putting some style into what you sing. We love to go out and perform what we’ve practised so expect to have some social nights with us!


We launched the choir early in 2017 singing arrangements of Beyonce, Simon & Garfunkel, Annie Lennox and Queen, Amy Winehouse, U2, Foo Fighters and George Michael to name but a few. We’re always welcoming new friends and singers to practise new catchy and beautiful arrangements.


Space is limited to 12 people maximimum but if the demand is great, we’ll consider expanding, so please don’t be shy and do get in touch. The next term starts on September 5th 2018. If you’d like to find out more about the choir, you can send us a message.



We are very pleased and proud to announce the opening of our 2nd studio in Wanchai. This completely new and professionally built studio has 2 well-equipped rooms both of which have full drum kits, PAs and guitar and bass amps. This means they can both be used as teaching rooms, instrument practice rooms or band rehearsal rooms giving us a lot more flexibility and capacity. It’s also in a superb location only a minute’s walk from exit A3 of Wanchai MTR station.


About Us

About Us

The founders of Aspire Music are Irish-Chinese singing teacher and singer-songwriter, Weisan Au Yeung, and her partner, Scottish drum teacher and musician, Dave Simpson.




Our Guitar Club launches and is happening throughout the school year! 


The Guitar Club is a small group guitar class, no more than 4 students per class, where kids can build a solid foundation in playing the guitar. During 3 terms, students will cover all the basic techniques including strumming patterns and finger picking, and be introduced to reading music including music scores and guitar tabs. Students will be shown how to use these skills creatively and musically in the context of a few contemporary song styles.


GET IN TOUCH WITH US for more information. 



Band Workshop is an exciting group class that we’ve been working on for a while. This is basically your chance to build not only your skills in playing, but also your confidence in playing with others and performing live.

It’s a 6-week course and will take place on Saturday mornings at 10:30am till 12:30pm and Thursday evenings at 7.30pm til 9.30pm. After the 6-weeks of sessions, we will all go on an outing to an Open Mic Night at one of the popular venues around town and you’ll perform the songs you’ve learned during the workshop, with your new bandmates.

The course will be lead by our newest Team Member, Devon, who is a very experienced band leader and drummer. He will guide you through 2 or 3 songs, talking about the roles of each instrument, the actual parts you play and how to get them to gel together nicely with everyone else, common phrases and terminology used in bands, the idea of Jamming and much, much more.

As we want to make this a practical course for everyone, the spaces will be limited so as to give all students plenty of playing time. In terms of requirements to join the course:

  • You should be able to attend every class as your bandmates will be relying on you.
  • You should be 14 years old or above (we hope to start a kids workshop very soon, sorry kids).
  • You should feel fairly confident that you can learn at least one song in 6 weeks.
  • Enthusiasm and energy!


To register or for more information, contact us


Vocal Masterclasses

We had the great pleasure of hosting a fantastic vocal masterclass event in November with Kathy Kennedy. Kathy is a great mentor and teacher of Weisan’s and she flew all the way from San Francisco to come and share her vast knowledge and experience with singers of all levels. The event welcomed professional performers, voice teachers as well as hobbyists. Watch this space for more events very soon! 


Congrats Weisan!

Just as all her students do, Weisan works hard all year to improve and develop her skills. All this work paid off last month when she passed her IVA Level 3 exam to become a Certified Level 3 Instructor. Not only that but she was also given the honour of becoming the IVA Representative for Hong Kong… double whammy and double congratulations!! Well done Weisan.


To find out more about IVA you can contact us